Local Girl Scouts Teaming Up With Santa To Help Animal Shelter

Monday November 26, 2012

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NYPENN Pathways

Girls Scout Troops from Canton and Troy are joining forces with Santa to help raise supplies for the Bradford County Humane Society. They plan on doing this by hosting two special events featuring Santa where the general public is invited to come and enjoy some good Christmas fun.

The first event is set to take place at the Canton Elementary School on December 7th from 5 to 7 pm. At this event families can bring their children to meet Santa, take part in several Christmas activities, have snacks and refreshments, and listen to Christmas stories.

The second event will be held at the Allen F. Pierce library in Troy in conjunction with their 100th anniversary on December 8th from 9 am to Noon. Their families can expect to meet Santa, have snacks and refreshments while the tree is trimmed, and listen to Christmas stories at story time.

Both events are free of charge when an item is brought to be donated to the Bradford County Humane Society. Items needed include pet food, pet toys, bleach, litter, grooming supplies and monetary donations.

Photos with Santa and popcorn will be available for purchase at the events.

For more information contact Diane Tomlinson at 364-8299 or Barb Brown at 673-3227.

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