Troy High School alumni reception speakers named

Wednesday May 9, 2012

The 116th Troy High School Alumni Reception will be held at the Troy Memorial Auditorium, corner of High and King Streets, on Friday, May 25.

The evening starts with registration and a light buffet in the lobby at 5:30 PM. A donation of $5 is suggested to help defray expenses but is not necessary. Alumni from all years, past and present teachers and staff, members of the senior class and their parents and all those interested in the history and spirit of the school are invited to attend.

The program starts at 6 PM with Master of Ceremonies Doreen Hettich-Atkins, Class of 1981, at the podium. Representatives of seven anniversary classes, spanning the years from 1942 to 2002, will make brief remarks. Class representatives are:

• Class of 1942 – Elwood Braund
• Class of 1952- Beverly Wilbur Evans
• Class of 1962 – Evan Williams Jr.
• Class of 1972 - John Estep
• Class of 1982 – John Brown
• Class of 1992 – Robin Pellor Hawk
• Class of 2002 – Cynthia Inman Mitstifer

2012 Senior Class President Corrin Binford will respond and introduce members of the Senior Class. Seniors attending will receive a class memento and will also be eligible for a drawing for a laptop computer. A reception in the lobby follows the program.

Information about the Alumni Association is included on the school web site,, under the Community tab. There is also a Facebook group named "Troy High School Alumni Association – Troy, PA".

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