Carrie Bomgardner with her friend
Carrie Bomgardner with her friend "Patty Melt" visited the Canton Elementary School for the Farm Fresh Friday program and told the students about veal and where it comes from.

Patty Melt Visits Canton Elementary

Thursday March 5, 2009 On Friday, February 27 the kindergarten class at the Canton Elementary School learned about veal production Patty Melt, the Pennsylvania Beef Council’s costumed burger mascot. Carrie Bomgardner, marketing director, explained about feeding and caring for the animals. A life sized veal calf cut out was on display.

The students returned to their commons area to enjoy a snack of veal meatballs in spaghetti sauce. The meatballs were provided by the American Veal Association which was produced by Marcho Family Farms in Harleysville, PA. Each student received a veal activity book.

The program was funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture grant, Healthy Farms/ Healthy Schools. The grant assists en educating kindergarteners and their families about locally produced foods and good nutrition. Area producers and FFA students educate the students about a specific food each Farm Fresh Friday.

The community program, “From Our Farms to Your Arms” is scheduled for Thursday, April 2nd 6:30 – 8:00 PM in the Canton Elementary School. There will be local food tastings, a petting zoo and K.J. providing entertainment.
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Tim Mullen

03/07/2009 02:55 PM

7 March 2009

Using the public schools to market products to innocent children is ill advised and an inappropriate use of the public schools and the school day.

The unsavory way that veal calves are barely raised should be described in detail to adults since a tour of a veal barn by children would horrify them.

Are veal calves kept in boxes where they cannot even turn around? Do they ever see the light of day until they are taken to slaughter? Does their liquid diet go in one end and run out the other?



Tim Mullen


08/11/2010 04:33 PM

I must agree with Tim Mullen about this. Very bizarre to do this to/for/with kids.

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